White Label Reseller Hosting

As a 2008hosting.net reseller you are able to brand our control panel as your own. White Label Reseller Control Panel Custom Notifications Helm 4 allows resellers to fully customise all notifications including invoices, payment success, account creation and many other notification templates. The reseller’s company name is displayed to customers when they login to their account plus resellers can specify the default theme for their users when they login.

Resellers are able to define customer roles and set permissions for each role e.g. update login information, create users, and create services. Custom profile items can be specified for example if the reseller wants to collect a phone number for the customer they can add the profile item and specify if it is optional or not. Profile items can comprise of the following field types

  • Yes/No
  • Number
  • Text
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Decimal Number
  • Text Area

White Label Reseller Control Panel Custom ButtonsResellers who wish to add their own menu items to Helm 4 can do so by using the Custom Buttons section. Here a reseller can create new buttons with custom images and custom destination URL's.

2008Hosting.net names all servers with the domain gbdns.net this is a Whois Protected domain which is used to hide our details if a Whois lookup is performed. Resellers can use our name servers which run under the gbdns.net domain or they can add their own into Helm e.g. ns1.mywebhostname.com and ns2.mywebhostname.com.

Always remember when you are a reseller you create your own plans and do not resell 2008Hosting.net's packages. Resellers can allocate resources how they want plus restrict access to certain features like the ACL Manager or File Editor. This allows the reseller to have full control over customers with just a couple of clicks.