Windows 2012 R2 Hosting Upgrade Path

No matter if you start with a simple shared hosting package or a reseller package it is always possible to upgrade.

By upgrade we don't simply mean adding more resources to your package all though this is always available as an option. If you start with a shared hosting package it is possible to move to a reseller package even though the account types and features are different.

As a reseller it is possible to upgrade and have your own web servers dedicated to your customers. You will still utilise the same control panel and our email / DNS infrastructure but all websites hosted would be on your own servers allowing you to allocate far more resources than you would on a standard reseller package. Servers are available with 200GB of SSD disk space upwards plus all servers come with at least 1,000GB of Data Transfer per month. Remember you wouldn't have to manage your own server this would be done by which allows you to focus directly on your business.

For the larger reseller you could upgrade to your own hosting cluster managed by 2008Hosting, you can select the specification of your servers and design the infrastructure how you want.

Users with very busy websites can also look at upgrading to a managed server or a load balanced system if the requirement is there.

It doesn't matter what type of customer you are a solution is always available to every problem.