Windows 2012 R2 Server 64bit & 32bit

Here at we operate a 64bit only architecture for our Windows 2012 R2 hosting platform. As Windows 2008 Server was the last Windows Server operating system to receive 32bit support it was essential to adopt a 64bit only platform from when we started offering Windows 2008 Hosting services rather than waiting until the next server operating system release.

A 64bit only architecture gives us many advantages both in software and hardware choice. Each server is configured with at least 256GB of ECC memory, our current hardware supports a maximum of 1TB memory.

IIS 8.5 Microsoft's latest Web Server technology performs far faster than any previous version of IIS in both 32bit or 64bit modes. IIS 8.5 allows us to operate websites in either 32bit or 64bit mode compared to IIS6 which could only operate websites in one mode IIS 8.5 can run each website in the mode required. This allows older application that require specific 32bit functionality to be able to run as normal. Applications like Helicon Ape a Mod_ReWrite equivalent for IIS are built with native 64bit support out of the box. Many other applications now work out of the box with 64bit Windows.