Dedicated Managed Servers

Managed Servers has various definitions depending on which host you choose to go with. We believe it is important to define exactly what Managed means and what you receive as part of the service.

  • Unmanaged - This is the most common form of server rental, as the customer you are responsible for all software configuration and maintenance on your server. The web host is only responsible for hardware and network issues. If you require the web host to help with software issues there is usually a per hour charge and can range from £30-140 per hour. This is an ideal choice for customers who have technical knowledge of how to manage a server.
  • Semi-Managed - This option is one step up from Unmanaged, you as the customer are responsible for software configuration and maintenance but the web host is responsible usually for operating system updates and basic security. The web host may also provide an hour of support per month for none OS related issues. Again the host is responsible for hardware and network issues
  • Fully-Managed - This option has different meanings depending where you go. Some web hosts will state Fully-Managed means you have to purchase a control panel with your server and you control the server from the control panel adding websites, updating settings etc. We do not believe this is the correct definition of Fully-Managed. At 2008Hosting fully managed means we are responsible for all software configuration and maintenance. This means if you require any software to be setup we carry out the installation and configuration for you. If you choose to use the server to host websites we will set each site up manually or you can look at a control panel if required. Fully-Managed doesn't just mean software maintenance but also includes advice and reporting on resource usage, what are the best step forwards to increase performance and provide the highest level of service possible.

A Managed Server doesn't have to be used to provide website hosting we have clients that use their servers for image processing or manipulation where they need a high bandwidth capacity which they can't achieve at their place of business.

For many businesses with multiple offices it is cost effective to host their Active Directory infrastructure in a data center rather than having to setup costly links between offices. Hardware Firewalls and VPN equipment can be used to allow a secure link between offices and the AD infrastructure.

A Managed Solution is tailored to your exact requirements and can include anything from SAN's (Storage Area Network) to Hardware Load Balancers.

You can view some of our packages here. Please note these are sample packages if you don't see an option that matches your requirements please contact us for a custom quote.