About 2008Hosting.net

DWebs Ltd has provided a range of internet services since 2005 consisting of shared hosting, dedicated managed servers, domain registration and web development services. DWebs main aim has always been to provide the highest level of service to both home and business customers. Over the past 10 years DWebs has grown from hosting a small number of websites to many thousands with customers located all over the world.

2008Hosting.net was created to provide Windows 2008 based hosting solutions from basic shared hosting to dedicated managed servers. Priced competitively with packages available from under £20 per year. With the release of Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 all services have been upgraded at no cost to customers.

Unlimited Hosting

DWebs Ltd takes the stance of never offering unlimited hosting or services with unrealistic resource limits. Its common practice by many hosts to offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, there is no hard drive in existence that gives an ever expanding disk space limit even with large SAN's it is still not practical to offer unlimited resources. Many providers who offer such limits may restrict what can be hosted on the service usually banning media files of any type enforcing all images hosted are linked from website content and imposing a size limit on individual images.

We always advise customers if they are looking at an unlimited hosting provider to read the terms and conditions very carefully plus check they are not in a long reseller chain. The majority of unlimited hosting providers overload servers with many thousands of websites this is something DWebs refuse to do, each server has a website limit set according to the hardware specification being used.